TIGER KF94 #1 Children’s Mask

TIGER KF94 #1 Children’s Mask


The TIGER50 Sale Event is back! At Be Healthy, the Blue Tiger KF94 Masks are one of the most popular children’s masks. With the TIGER50 Sale event you can get 50% Off Blue Tiger masks.

The Tiger KF94 masks boasts various features that make it the number 1 mask for children. The ergonomically designed KF94 folding shape ensures a comfortable fit and makes it easy for children to put on. The material is light and durable making it easy to breathe and the mask does not collapse in. The mask is certified KF94 by the Korean FDA which ensures that the mask blocks over 94% of 0.4µm size particles. This means that most particulates from the air are filtered by the mask. The ingenious designs of the KF94 filters are the electrostatic filtering layer within the 4 layers of protection from the mask. The filtration layer has an electrostatic filtering layer that not only blocks large particles, but the static attracts and traps smaller particles that pass through the filter. With this dust pollen and other harmful particulates in the air is filtered out by the mask. Along with the filter there is a sturdy nose wire that allows the wearer to mold the nose wire to their nose. This ensures that the mask does not have any leaks.

The Blue Tiger KF94 children’s masks come in white and black. They are the number one recommended and most popular children’s masks. While here be sure to check out other specials, we have to offer other KF94 masks. Other than Blue Tiger KF94 masks there are other Blue Brand Masks available. There are 2D style masks in small and large. Easy to put on and less adjustments needed. Be sure to check out our assortment of various KF94 masks available at Be Healthy!

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