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Be Healthy!

Selling and introducing Korean natural cosmetics, Ginseng and Health care products.

Matcha Nokcha
Matcha Nokcha
I ordered KF94 masks online and picked up in store. The 3 staff members were very helpful finding the best fitting KF94 masks for my face and included many free gifts. Highly recommended!
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Be Healthy!

Selling and introducing Korean natural cosmetics, Ginseng and Health care products.

TJ Min
TJ Min
Highly recommend this place. Ordered KF94 masks here and I’ve got much more than I actually ordered. They sent me sanitizers and some sample masks which I didn’t order. Also their customer service is delightful. You will find out what I mean once you call them for masks.
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About Be Healthy!

Who we are
Be Healthy is an import and export company based in New Jersey. Be Healthy has been importing health related premium products from South Korea ever since its establishment in 2015. We deal with businesses both online and offline (retail and wholesale). We have been dealing with products ranging from beauty cosmetics, health supplements and household goods. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to import top brands of KFDA certified respirators, and we are the official distributor of all the products we carry on our website. We are now the leading distributor of KF94 masks in the US.

Our goals
Our goal is to offer premium products from South Korea at a very reasonable price. Not only do we have a team member in South Korea trying to locate the best products in South Korea, but we also go through a very thorough quality check before deciding to carry it at Be Healthy. The pandemic has widened the gap between countries, we hope to bring the world closer again for a better and healthier life.

Leadership Principles
Quality and speed are the keys to earning and maintaining customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the highest quality products available at reasonable prices. We work vigorously to maintain high quality standards and a fast shipping process.

For a better life and healthy life,
Be Healthy USA

Contact Us

324 Broad Avenue
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
United States

Customer Service:
Monday to Friday: 10am - 7pm EST

Customer Service: (201) 482-0813 / (201) 403-4143
Email: info@behealthyusa.net

Store Open Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 10am - 7pm EST

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