Happy Mother’s Day from Be Healthy!

Get her a Gift of Protection with KF94

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Did you get your mom a gift yet? Look no further since at Be Healthy you can give her the gift of protection with KF94 masks. What better ways to show your mother you care by keeping her safe with high quality KF94 masks. Here at Be Healthy we are celebrating by providing two new Specials for Mother’s Day.

First Mother’s Day is a Mother’s Day POSH Gift Pack. The Mother’s Day POSH Gift Pack has a selection of favorite styles from our POSH Brand of KF94 masks, preselected assortment of colorful and stylish KF94 masks. A small sampling of the various styles and designs available at Be Healthy. These premium fashion KF94 masks will be the talk of the table during any brunch or other social gathers. You can get the Mother’s Day POSH Gift Pack for $20 for 10pcs.

If you would like more of a customized selection of KF94 masks, we also have the Mother’s Day Special KF94 Mix and Match. With this special, you can mix and match between our three popular KF94 mask brands such as BOTN, Blue, and POSH. The special contains various styles, sizes, and colors for each brand. You can select the ones you like and customize to fit your preference. You can get 30pcs for $50 of your favorites to gift to you mom.

We hope everyone has a great time during Mother’s Day. And we hope Be Healthy can help make it a safe environment. No matter what you do for Mother’s Day ensure that everyone is safe by using KF94 masks in public. Keep checking back on our website to see what other specials and deals we have in the future.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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