Be Healthy USA To Offer Huge Discounts On Cosmetic And Health Products In Celebration Of Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Idea

Be Healthy USA plans to celebrate Father’s Day with a Father’s Day Special Promotion from June 6th to June 21st. Customers will get more than 50% off when they make their own gift set. They will be able to make their own Father’s Day Gift Set by choosing 4 items for the price of $99 as opposed to the original price of $224. Customers will have the option of choosing from Miguhara Skin Care products or Korean Red Ginseng products that include teas, soaps, creams and lotions. Alongside getting the products for half the prices, customers would also get a gift shopping bag.

As an import and export company based in New Jersey, Be Healthy imports premium health related products from South Korea and have been doing so since establishment in 2015. They deal with products that range from beauty cosmetics, health supplements to the #1 heated mats/blankets from South Korea. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company started to import top brands of KFDA certified respirators. They are now the leading distributor of KF94 masks in the US and the official distributor of all the products on their website.

According to Matcha Nokcha, a satisfied client, ‘‘I ordered KF94 masks online and picked them in the store. The 3 staff members were very helpful finding the best fitting KF94 masks for my face and included many free gifts. Highly recommended!’’  Another client, TJ Min remarked, ‘‘Highly recommend this place. Ordered KF94 masks here and I’ve got much more than I actually ordered. They sent me sanitizers and some sample masks which I did not order. Also, their customer service is delightful. You will find out what I mean once you call them for masks.’’

The company’s goal is to offer premium products from South Korea at a very reasonable price. With a team member in South Korea who locates the best products, Be Healthy is able to provide customers with highly rated products that work. The company also subjects products to a rigorous quality assurance process before deciding to put them out on sale. They hope to bring the world closer again for a better and healthier life post pandemic.

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