Be Healthy Launches Posh KF94 Mask – The First KFDA and FDA Approved Fashion Design KF94 Mask Brand

Be Healthy Launches Posh KF94 Mask – The First KFDA and FDA Approved Fashion Design KF94 Mask Brand

Never settle for less than the best! Masks are a necessity, but style is too. Wear safety with the beautiful colored Fashion Design Posh KF94 Masks.

Palisades Park, NJ, USA – Amidst the rising waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, self-precaution is the foremost concern for everyone worldwide. For this very reason, it is crucial to follow the precautionary measures advised by the government and health care advisors to protect oneself and the surroundings as well. But it still does not mean that while taking care of the SOPs: social distancing, wearing masks, etc., people need to compromise on their looks. By considering the safety protocols and the need to hold on to new trends during such situations, Be Healthy USA introduced the first-ever colorful fashion design mask, the Posh KF94 Mask. The brand is not only certified to be a standard KF94 mask, the Food and Drug Administration societies of Korea and the US have also approved it.

Be Healthy is a New Jersey-based import and export company. Since its inception in 2015, Be Healthy has been sourcing quality health-related goods from South Korea. Working online and offline, wholesale and retail, it deals in a wide range of items, including beauty makeup, nutritional supplements, and the best-heated mats/blankets from South Korea. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these licensed distributors began importing and selling top brands of KFDA-approved respirators. They qualify to be the biggest supplier of KF94 masks in the United States.

The POSH KF94 Mask is Be Healthy and TalkDolls’ first collaborative product. The mask is emphasized on the fashion side of safety while adhering to stringent standards for making clean and comfortable masks. It passed the comprehensive and strict criteria needed for KF94 certification from the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Administration and has been tested and certified for its efficacy in filtering out at least 94 percent of particles as small as PM 0.4.

Previously KF94 could be processed in White or Black colors only. However, POSH’s technical creativity and sophistication encouraged the KFDA to approve color and pattern varieties in the mask while adhering to the KF94 standard. The ink used in printing is safe for human use and the environment, thanks to the eco-friendly technology used in the colors and designs. The POSH KF94 Masks offer protection yet also reflect elegance while in use. Moreover, it keeps up to the standards of the KF94.

The company aims to provide quality South Korean goods at an affordable price. Not only do they have a collaborating team member in South Korea looking for the best products, but they are also still put to a rigorous quality check before carrying them at Be Safe. The pandemic has widened the divide between countries; they want to get the world back together for a safer and healthy future. The new Fashion Design Masks is one of their steps to move the world forward to adapt to the new normal while staying in style!

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