BE HEALTHY USA Has Launched A New Range Of Mask For Flu Protection This Autumn

BE HEALTHY USA Has Launched A New Range Of Mask For Flu Protection This Autumn

The masks will help Americans from allergies that can affect them in all facets of their life.

BE HEALTHY USA, the leading distributor of KOREAN MASK (KF94) in the USA, has launched a new autumn collection of KF94 MASK that will help protect them in the coming flu season. The high-quality mask offers more comfort than other types of respirator masks on the market. Customers get 25% off when they use promo code SPOOKY25.

During the flu season, people can inhale flu virus particles of different sizes, with the smallest particles having the highest concentration of flu virus. This is why experts have designed the masks to offer the maximum protection possible against the small particles of flu viruses that can wreak havoc with people’s immune systems.

This is why doctors and hospitals always raise awareness about wearing these KF95 masks to prevent the spread of disease. According to a study, the masks help reduce the chances of a person getting SARS-CoV-2 by 83%. These masks have side flaps to contour your face and adjustable bridge to fit securely over your nose and can effectively filter 95 percent of aerosol particulates.

A spokesperson for the company said. “Our masks help combat flu while giving our customers a range of trendy designs. The mask is made of high-quality material that makes them easy to breathe. Our goal is to offer premium products at a very reasonable price. Our team member in South Korea locates the best products in South Korea, but we also go through an extensive quality check before deciding to carry it at Be Healthy.”

He added, “Using the promo code SPOOKY25, people can save money and stay safe from catching dangerous allergies or getting sick this season. We highly recommend getting one for yourself and your family members.”

The company also focuses on speed, believing it to be vital for customer satisfaction. It strives to provide the highest quality products available at reasonable prices. They also offer Posh Color Fashion Mask, K beauty cosmetics, and Korean red ginseng,

People interested in these masks can contact them using the information below.

About the Company

Be Healthy is an import and export company based in New Jersey. Be Healthy has been importing health-related premium products from South Korea ever since its establishment in 2015. We deal with businesses both online and offline retail and wholesale.

They have dealt with products ranging from beauty cosmetics to health supplements and household goods. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company started to import top brands of KFDA-certified respirators, and we are the official distributor of all the products we carry on the website. They are now the leading distributor of KF94 masks in the US.

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