• "Be Healthy" Keeping Americans Safe with Collection of High Quality Korean KF94 Masks

    New Jersey based import and export company offering authentic KF94 Masks in their online store. They are a reliable company with the best high-quality products that are certified and safe for usePalisades Park, NJ – The global pandemic continues to widen the gap of human interaction. To bring the world closer together, serious action must be taken in terms of providing safe health products....
  • What is the difference between 2D Mask and 3D Mask?

    There are two types of KF94 masks, the 2D style and 3D style.The 2D style is a clam shaped mask that is folded in half. (Horizontal)While the 3D style is a mask that has two flaps that fold out to cover the nose and chin. It is commonly referred to as a boat shape. (Vertical) Examples 2D: ETIQA, Blue 2D, Korea Mask Small 3D:...
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