ETIQA KF94 Round Basic Mask White Small Size

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Be Healthy is the Official Distributor of "ETIQA" in the United States Of America.

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* All KF94 masks are individually packaged. *

ETIQA Round Basic Mask

Point 1

Not only does it protect the respiratory system from fine dust and fine particulate matters, but its soft design also fits well with daily outfits and offers 3 different sizes (Large / Medium / Small).

ETIQA offers two different styles Basic and Round Basic. Choose a style that fits your face better.

Point 2

Made with Melt Blown material – Filters made from melt-blown materials are highly efficient in filtering and a static adhesion method is used which allows it to filter fine particulate matters as well.

* High-efficiency dust filters are extra fine denier fiber that produces static. This type of filter blocks over 96% of 0.3µm size particles.

4 Ply Mask Filtration Test

KFDA Standards


ETIQA Test (1) result


ETIQA Test (2) result


  • Filtration test means the rate at which the mask filters out external particles when inhaling air.
  • ETIQA products show a significantly higher rate than KFDA standards.
  • Test (1): NaCl test result (after pre-condition treatment)
  • Test (2): Oil test result (after pre-condition treatment)
  • Pre-condition refers to severe condition testing under high temperature and high humidity – 38º C ± 2.5ºC / Humidity 85% ± 5%

Point 3

Ergonomically designed for easier breathing.

Breathing Resistance Test

KFDA Standards

< 70pa

ETIQA Breathing Resistance Test result


Leakage Rate Test

KFDA Standards

< 11%

ETIQA Leakage Test result


  • Breathing resistance means resistance inside the mask when you inhale air. Lower pa number equals to less resistance.
  • Leakage rate means the percentage of air leaking into the gap between the mask and the face.
  • ETIQA products show significant lower test result than KFDA standards.

Point 4

KF94 approved by KFDA and safety test completed by KML – Korea Mask Laboratory.
ETIQA has been tested for the following items under KML.

  • Fluorescent Material Detection Test.
  • Formaldehyde Detection Test.
  • Acid & Alkali Test

Size Guidance

Large or Medium size is generally recommended for adult men, Medium for women and Small for kids.

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